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It can be a little nerve racking when you must file an insurance claim. A good insurance company will walk you through the process. As you navigate thru the home insurance claims process, here a few suggestions to assist you in getting the settlement you need in a timely manner. Working with the insurance claims department can be frustrating, so do yourself a favor and get as organized as possible. You definitely have a higher chance at a good outcome if you can be helpful and diligent.


Be Thorough: The claims process will depend directly on the damage to your own home or property. Make sure to be specific and detailed while you describe the damage and what is needed to fix it. However, it is best to stick with the facts! Keep your opinions to yourself as they will not influence the claims adjuster’s decision. Additionally, be sure to meet any deadlines for information requests and make sure to completely fill out all of the essential forms. Also, it’s important to stay in contact with the insurance adjuster and claims representative. Do not let your lack of communication delay the insurance claim and cause you more headache!


Try to be present for any inspections of the damaged property: Whether the coverage adjuster visits your home or sends an impartial inspector, it can be in your best interest to be there as well so you can answer any additional questions. This can help you prevent the adjuster from jumping to conclusions on how the property get damaged in the first place. If you cannot be present for the inspection make sure to provide as much written instruction as you can to provide direction.


Don’t get compelled to jump right into a settlement agreement until you know the full cost to repair the damage! The process can be stressful and time consuming but don’t use that as a reason to get a lesser settlement. Be patient, be firm, and get the replacement compensation you deserve.


Know your coverages within your home insurance policy! Thoroughly read your policy, and make sure your insurance company does what it is meant to do. Whether you’re owed replacement cost for damaged property or medical coverage to to harm or negligence, be privy to what rights you’ve got and work them out.


Be absolutely positive you filed your claim correctly and on time. Provide your cell phone, work phone and email address to your insurance claims adjuster. You want to make sure they can get a hold of you if needed.


Document EVERYTHING! As you undergo the procedure of submitting a claim, you will be in constant contact with the insurance company. It is critical you document each communication you have with the insurance company and take solid notes of any conversation that you have. You want to be diligent in recording and documenting the process.


Stay on top of the insurance company with a solid follow up plan: Your coverage claims adjuster may be super busy and overworked. Don’t be surprised if they might not be as responsive as you want them to be. While this isn’t always a signal that the business enterprise is deliberately delaying your claim, you want to be diligent. It’s suggested that you reach out every three or four days to follow up.


Work with the insurance adjuster, however, don’t get taken advantage of. If you fell like you are owed for losses that you showed occurred, do not accept an offer for less without a completely justified explanation. You can usually dispute a coverage agreement if you can prove you’re owed extra damages.


Be Honest: Do not lie about how the property was damaged as it will more likely be revealed during the inspection. Being dishonest will surely result in a denial of your claim and quite possibly lead to facing criminal charges.


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