Howell Carnegie Library

New is unique but old is gold, so, therefore, the Howell Carnegie library is unique and great as the library unites the old and new in its structure, as well as its contents.

The original Carnegie building was completed in 1906 with money from philanthropist Andrew Carnegie and some local funds. Since then, the library is devoted to bestow its readers the finest reading experience. The library is determined to keep up with the change and provide the reader with an environment where he/she can comfortably read and keeping this in mind the library invested in renovation and additional projects which were completed in 1991 & the new facility quadrupled the space available to meet the needs of our growing community and hence provided a better environment for readers to read.

However, Howell Carnegie library is not all about books and readers but the library is a complete package. A package that includes Viewing & Listening for Pleasure & Personal Knowledge, Early Childhood & Pre-Teen Literacy Experiences; Public Internet Access; Reference Assistance & Instruction; Business, Entrepreneurial and Workforce Development Support; Genealogy & Local History Assistance; Community Connections to Discover, Create & Innovate.

The library has it all, everything an individual needs in his/her life to achieve excellence. Early childhood & pre-teen literacy experiences is a slice of Howell Carnegie library that gives children & teenagers an extra edge in life.

The library believes that an individual must know his/her local history and thus the library came up with a section where you may research & know about your local history.

The Howell Carnegie library is bursting the myth that the library is exclusively for scholars as library is unique as people from different walks of life can gain a lot from the Howell Carnegie Library for example Business, Entrepreneurial and Workforce Development Support is a section where businessmen can gain a lot and strengthen their business sense.

With all the above attributes of the library, Howell Carnegie library becomes one of the best libraries to visit. Visit the library and practical experience all the above mentioned attributes and achieve excellence in all the arenas.

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