Michigan Hot Air Balloon

The Hot air balloon ride is one of the best recreational activities to explore in Michigan. Michigan is famous for its fishing and exquisite beauty of nature. The hot air balloon rides in Michigan takes place just after the sunrise and just before the sun set as the air during this time is stable and the heat of the sun is also low. The Balloon flight usually lasts for about an hour with an average speed of 5 mph. It is a very fun ride as you explore the aesthetic nature of Michigan which also consists of 5 Great Lakes of freshwater.


The view from the hot air balloon in Michigan is so alluring and peaceful one experiencing it will be so mesmerized that it could be one of his or her lifetime best moments. As the balloon ride only happens in the morning and evening, the view of sunrise or sun setting from the heights is just magical. There are many companies which give you a souvenir balloon pin after the ride that is a replica of the balloon in which you flew which just adds to the wonderful experience.


The pricing of the hot air balloon in Michigan per person is around $200, but the experience one has is more than the value of money. There are also many hot air balloon festivals in Michigan like Michigan Challenge Balloon fest. These festivals take place every year and is a great tourist attraction, around 100,000 people attend these festivals every year. The view in the sky during these festivals is so marvelous that one will be stuck in the beauty of the sight as the sky during these festivals is filled with Hot air Balloons and magnificent lightings.


There are many good companies which makes the hot air balloon experience good and beautiful like Sky Adventures, Altitude endeavors and Balloon quest Inc etc. These companies allow online booking for the balloon rides and one can choose the date and time of their choice for the bookings. The hot air balloon ride takes place daily but sometimes due to the bad weather they are cancelled, but it can be easily rescheduled with customer preferences. The bottom line is it is worth to experience the hot air balloon ride in Michigan.


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